A such articulated and important sport event as ours could never be achieved without the active participation of citizens: for this reason, the SuisseGas Milan Marathon team relies heavily on the enthusiasm and the desire to participate in youth, students and anyone feel proud to contribute, with its commitment, to an event that aims to enhance the reputation and image of the city of Milan in the international scene.


The various activities of the volunteers will be preceded by training sessions that consist of a few hours of briefings in the days before the event. At the end of the brief, the organization will provide all volunteers with staff clothing to wear on the day of the event. In the days leading up to the race volunteers will be engaged in activities such as the preparation of kit with the bib number and information, preparation of material for refreshments, sponges, poster designing and border route to ensure the safety of participants. The day of the competition, however, the volunteers will be divided according to the different roles: area departure and arrival, refreshments, sponge station, bag deposit, Marathon Village, surveillance.


If you speak Italian and would like to join our team, fill in this form or send an email to info@milanomarathon.it. Please specify in the object “Volunteer” or call us at 02.62827562